Custom Typography

What if you just need a graphic that uses type? Not everyone has the time to research type styles, get interesting fonts or even draw type from scratch.

I do! I really love typography, letterforms and the way they can "speak" in terms of style and emphasis, from modern to decorative and historical fonts. In this section I show sort of a cross between logotype design and illustration. Sometimes I start with an existing decorative font and modify it, or I can draw entirely original letterforms.

These custom graphic elements will really make your designs pop! Great for packaging, point-of-purchase, shopping bags, t-shirts, posters, ads, catalog covers, postcards, website headers and direct mail programs.

Artwork is delivered to you in the correct format, color mode and resolution for your project. Formats available are vector (Illustrator) or bitmap (Photoshop) or both if needed. T-shirt graphics will be color-separated in layers for spot color work if required.

Custom Fonts

I am also a font designer (llwstudiofonts.com) and if needed, I can design an entire font, delivered in OpenType format (a more modern format that allows you to use the same font file on newer PCs and Macs).

Packaging: make your product "speak" from the shelf

Custom typography is a must for packaging, focusing attention and giving an immediate market "position." When a viewer in our culture looks at a product for the first time, it takes about 2 seconds or less for that person to sub-consciously categorize everything about it. If the visual says "not professional" the viewer might decide it's too risky to buy.

It is also an attention-getter when used for catalogs covers, POP displays, trade show graphics, vehicle wraps, billboards and other signage!