Traditional line art to full color illustration using Illustrator (a vector program), Photoshop (a raster image program) or a combination of both.

Raster Art

Raster art is pixel-based and can have soft edges with extensive blending techniques—a more natural drawing and painting environment. Photoshop or Painter are raster-based applications, and allow a limitless amount of texture, lighting control, painting styles, brushs, color and blending modes etc.

There are limitations on the use of this art in terms of size and resolution; it's a good idea to work in a much larger format than the final art needed, so that in future you have the ability to use it larger (or, as in the case with several of my clients, you will have artwork for the iPad version of your iPhone game ready to insert when Apple changes resolution on you).

Vector Art

Done in Adobe Illustrator, currently version CS4-CS5, vector art is math-based and creating it can be a difficult skill to master. Once the illustration is "built" it is a graphic that can be scaled infinitely—no resolution issues to worry about. Vector art can have graduated color, some soft edges and a limited amount of "effects" but is often better suited to simple graphics and logos. The colospace can allow for "spot" or "PMS" inks, which are needed in production art of labels, signs, t-shirts etc. This style is perfect for logos, line-art illustration, maps, bold graphics with patterns etc. or any graphic that has to scale to very large sizes.


How I work

I work in both Photoshop and Illustrator, and I can help you determine which approach is best for your project. Often, I will start in Illustrator and finish in Photoshop. I can start with my original drawings, such as the flowers, olives, corn & pepper. Or I can start with clip art (royalty free or specified-usage rights images) as in the butterfly postcard—the butterflies were originally black & white clip art.

I can start with photography, using my own or your original photography, or stock photography (there may be some usage limitations depending on the terms of purchase with the stock images).