Make that first impression sell your product!

Packaging design is the "salesman" on the floor, and gives the overall "impression" that the customer will respond to. A viewer decides if that impression is what he or she is looking for in a fraction of a second—make that impression really communicate with your target market.

Color, style and illustration can make the difference; it will let the customer understand "who the product is intended for?" and "what is the level of quality?" immediately. Custom typography and/or illustration is a good investment to differentiate your product from the competition.

Point-of-Purchase: Sample books, store graphics and bin designs for in-store displays

Need to display your products in Home Depot, Lowes or other big-box store? Or they want a catalog sheet and holder pronto?  Keep all your packaging and POP materials looking consistent and the same quality to maintain your brand.

Production for labels, CD & DVD artwork, inserts, text & illustration for instruction sheets and other odd things that need to be made

Art for packaging must be constructed for the manufacturing method for that packaging—including spot colors, plates for special effects like foil stamping, emboss, die cuts etc. I have experience with art for: flexographic printing for small labels; screen printing for large signs and labels; offset litho labels for food jars, boxes, containers & playing cards; art for CDs and DVDs and their slipcases etc.

I can set up the art for the instruction sheets including: doing illustrations (line art) or photos, writing the step-by-step instructions.