Photo Imaging

From simple photography to elegant photo montages, I offer a wide range of digital image processing.


Basic photography (simple building shots, landscape, preliminary product shots up to 12 megapixels); I have contacts for high-end portrait and product photography—in-studio or on location.

Image editing

Includes photo retouching, color correction, color shifting, creating paths in Photoshop for masking. If requested, final art will include Photoshop layers—available for future editing.

Photo collages

Photo collages and montages, with your photography, my photography or stock photography (using stock photos can cause problems later as many stock houses are changing their usage rights after the fact; be aware that you will be responsible for the purchase and rights management).

Custom photo effects

Special photo effects such as distressing, adding other textures, monotone colorways, custom edge effects, combining typography into photos, metallic effects, transparent effects etc.

All artwork will be supplied in multiple formats, appropriate for archiving, commercial printing and web/multimedia design.

Don’t trash your photos!

Many hours of labor and a lot of money can go down the drain if you don’t know what you are doing when editing images. Even just opening them in Photoshop and re-saving can ruin a high-resolution image if you do not have the correct RGB profile selected, or if you are using the wrong file format. Don't compress them before you give them to the designer; try to keep the original files untouched if possible, use those as the starting point for your images.

Planning is the key

Understanding resolution for various output devices is important in the planning and production phases of a project. A professional will ask you at the beginning of a job: how are you going to be using these images? You may have to re-shoot to get photos that will work for your project.