Make sure you project the right image

People make up their mind about your company based on the look and function of your graphic presence in under 5 seconds. That means the visual message you are sending out instantly reflects your company, products & services. Potential customers will get a feeling about your company the moment they see your logo, brochure or website. What will they see?

If your look and message are inappropriate, hard to read or just plain ugly your potential markets will notice and remember. If your output is printed, that material may stay around a long time. Consider this quote from Red Adair, famous for putting out oil well fires… "The most expensive thing you can do is hire an amateur.”  Don't create a fire that may be impossible to extinguish

Save money

Make it right from the start. It's always better, and cheaper, to prevent problems than to fix them. If cost is important to you, then you need to hire a professional. For instance, if the way the art is constructed is not correct for the manufacturing process, (that includes printing), it can be very expensive to fix. In some cases the art has to be completely remade to print correctly, or if it's too late the job has to be reprinted (that can be very, very expensive).

What some other advantages you can expect from a professional designer?


We are objective about your company, your projects and your marketing. A professional designer can bring a fresh viewpoint and new solutions to problems, even identify problems previously not noticed.

New concepts

We know how to create a unique, engaging, effective layout that will make your target notice and read, with original images and professional typography. Templates are great for some things, but eventually you want your company to have its own identity.

More for your money

We try to maximize cost to results, offering solutions that most people may not even know about! Clients are often amazed by what can be done with small budgets by a knowledgeable, creative designer. We can also save money because are thinking about production issues at the start of the project, not when it’s too late to fix problems.

Colorful impact without sacrificing legibility & readability

We know how to work with color, both the psychology of color and the physical effect of color. We also know about the technology of color — requirements for reproduction can be challenging.

Professional output

Get files that will be usable across a wide range of devices and providers. We use many different professional level graphics applications and select the ones that are appropriate for the intended output – whether it's a commercial printing plant, a t-shirt manufacturer or a billboard company.


Most people think that design equals computer graphics, that anyone with a computer and a little bit of time can create art that can be used professionally. It’s not really about the computers—we were designers before there were computers (let me note I don't miss the ink, glue and Exacto knives). Computers just make us more productive. We can offer clients much more for their money. It’s about using our creativity, skills and knowledge to produce something great!

Why spend money for a designer?

Save your time for your business

Do you really have the time to spend learning new software, learning about printing or packaging, learning about typography, photography and image editing? Do you have the time to find printers, illustrators, photographers, writers and other vendors?